• Manuka Honey is one of the most famous honey in the world known for its beautiful colour and delicious taste with high antioxidant properties and remarkable anti bacterial healing power. A pot of Manuka is also a fantastic idea for any skincare regimen. Its amazing plumping benefits have been put to good use in the beauty world and now, more often than not, Manuka is seen as a key ingredient in many of our beauty staples.

  • Blackberry honey is made from the nectars collected by bees from the flowering native plants found in the pristine Tarkine wilderness and the fields and meadows of Tasmania. The Tarkine is the largest and only tract of temperate rainforest wilderness left in Australia and is home to some of the world’s cleanest air and water.

  • Leatherwood honey is produced in the great pristine forests of Tasmania’s wild and rugged west coast, including the Tarkine. Blue Hills Leatherwood honey uses cold extraction process which ensures all natural components on the honey are retained. The cold extraction takes place at very low temperatures as heat interferes with the make-up of the honey and can alter taste and colour.

Blackberry (250gr)


Manuka 100+

 770.000đ/jar (250gr)

 1.400.000đ/jar (500gr)


250.000đ/jar (250gr)

460.000đ/jar (500gr)

Blackberry (500gr)


Manuka 400+

1.650.000đ/jar (250gr)

3.100.000đ/jar (500gr)

Manuka 250+

1.300.000đ/jar (250gr)

2.400.000đ/jar (500gr)


850.000đ/jar (1 kg)