Những hình ảnh, khoảnh khắc được ghi lại trong hoạt động kinh doanh hàng ngày của Team Đỉnh Phong

All #beef cuts can be cut #bigger to you

What makes our 1855 USDA Prime Angus Bee

Sher Wagyu Beef is produced in one of th

Our beef, pork & chicken meatballs are s

Kurobuta Pork Rib Chop

The most flavorful of al the beef cuts,


Thưởng thức bít-tết ng


The best 4 inexpensive beef cuts for ste

Wild caught Green lip Abalone from the s

Aussie Beef Rib Finger, fresh cut

Bạn sẽ chọn phần thịt nào cho dịp cuối t

Russia 2018 - Meet the ball tonight?

Saturday night, simply the best

Berkshire Pork Spare rib

House of Sausages

Wagyu Beef Tomahawk by #sherwagyu 
MS 4/


Nick Sher has done his great job today a

No doubt it’s the most luxurious & the m

A piece of artwork by @sherwagyu

Beautiful Steak cut from Rostbiff Wagyu

Tasting for MEAT the WAGYU NIGHT on 7th,

Today is Steakturday

Serving 100 paxes, Miss Vietnam 2018 Con

Boulevard Grill is established, run & ma

A must try dish

Beef Swiss Roll

Beef Rump diced cut @oconnorbeef

Deboning turkey for a special order

It’s a scarification of Strip-loin and T

How good does this look..

How good does this look..

Wagyu Tomahawk MS 5 on the scale, ready

New concept - The Butcher & Seafoods - i

Beautiful & delicious @oconnorbeef Strip

Lightened up, opening soon

Meet your festive meat

Wild Caught Greenlip Abalone from Tasman

@pincho_tapas_kitchen_nd_drinks has a su

Finishing drawing at the new steakplace.

Welcome to the steak paradise 🥩🤤

The BSG - Where the butcher meet steakma

Respectfully Gift Set for this coming Te

Chuck tail flap by @sherwagyu

All stock of @sherwagyu Chuck Eye Roll h

A must try set menu for Aussie Taste

Light & quick lunch today

Sliced Sher Wagyu, tray packing, deliver

Dinner time but having set lunch now

Just imagine my teeth is bitten this bea

What would you eat for today’s lunch?

Heo Iberico - Iberico Pork (Wagyu of Por

Unbeatable Wagyu Tbone #sherwagyu

Greenlip Abalone wild caught from Tasman

USDA Prime Angus Flap Meat #1855beef

Starting new career - fish butchery

After gone through the complicated paper

Special promotion for New Product: free

Special promotion for New Product: free

With another brand of their,  Morico, al

Love actually is tight and vaccumed

O-toro, Chu-toro, Akami just pick your f

Our @1855blackangusbeef USDA Prime Strip

It’s wagyu picanha, eat it as piranha

Would you?

#brochure in #vietnamese @mori_seafood @

Beautiful wagyu tomahawk, perfect packed

It’s Piacanha era now

Credit to customers, definitely good foo

Langoustin Prawn from 🇳🇴 Norway landed

Langoustine Prawn - Tôm càng đỏ Nauy

Beautiful black angus boneless shortrib

Can you see the spotlight of green label

What’s your expectation? For us, it’s al

It was so great to see a twin in store t

Lasagna - an authentic Italian flavor, s

Organic Beef, Shin - best for beef stew,

Bigh Redfish Fillet from @fergusonaustra

OBE Beef landed at our butcher shop in D

Ready for despatch, when is your turn? #

@obeorganic beef rib finger; I personall

Cobia Fish Fillet (Cá Bớp phi lê)

Best choice to upgrade the menu @sweetns

Applying OBE Beef Shelf divider @ Lotte

Checked in

Kingdom of Salmon

Kötbullar - Swedish Meatball

Final decoration item @fergusonaustralia

Beef Chuck Tail Flap, lean, tender & hea

Wonderful talks with many GM and F&B man

Perfect choice by a steakmate for weeken

New iPhone’s camera testing

Ready for your hotpot at any time

New product will be on shelves soon @fer

X-Mas is just around the corner

New Butcher Box

Unbeatable marbling #miyazakigyu

Crispy Bight Redfish, ready for delivery

Hello December

Just Tenderloin #amhbeef

A piece of Art #miyazakiwagyu

Don’t foget that we are the butcher shop

Our every day most wanted items: Sher Bl

#obebeef bbq cut intercostal & striploin

New product will be on shelves soon @fer